Since its inception in early 2013, Strong Ox has played an integral role in cultivating a sleek, stylish image for commercial and residential spaces around Victoria. We are a proudly Australian-owned family business, with a long-standing history in Australian manufacturing and design. 

As the world of construction has grown and changed, so, too, has Strong Ox in order to meet client needs, demands and expectations in this space. Our flawless design and commitment to nurturing strong relationships is what drives us to deliver superior results.

In line with the ever-changing security & construction landscape, Strong Ox prides itself on being able to offer the highest quality security and screening products to the Australian market, in addition to its existing support for Australian designers, builders and windows & doors customers. 


+ Talented people

+ Impeccable design

+ Valued relationships


Strong Ox is part of a long-standing family business enterprise established in 1991. With over 80 employees and an 8,000 square-metre premises, we have secured the freedom to produce our products with skill and efficiency.

Strong Ox is committed to providing fast-paced and reliable time frames for clients; our emphasis on quality is what gives us an edge. As part of our quality assurance, Strong Ox hosts in-house machinery and services such as a powdercoat line, engineering and metal fabrication.

As a result, we are able to take on projects of any size and complexity. 


Strong Ox manufactures and installs quality products from the most reputable suppliers. We comply with all necessary Australian standards and building codes.